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F1 live Streaming – Car racing is a sport that relies on the car as a media aide to win the competition. Apart from the car, this sport requires a specially designed track field in order to better support the Performance of the car and safe for the audience. Name of a track on the car racing circuit.

Car racing is a combination of the performance of the car and driver skill to master the car and the track circuit. Car used for racing cars instead of standard car manufacturing output, but a special car designed for racing cars. Design includes a modified engine, the car body, and all four wheels. Car racing classes also have a different engine in accordance with the type of competition.

Car Racing History

The history of auto racing or car racing was first held in France, the Paris-Rouen Trial in 1893, at that time racing cars used still uses steam engine maximum speed is 37 mph. Body of the car was still made of wood with wheels rigid / hard. Of the four rounds there was only one car that made it into the finish, the more damaged the car. The first gasoline-powered car race was held in the year 1920-1930, in Europe this tournament named Euro Grand Prix.

After World War II was over the automotive world was stretched. Included with the car racing competitions were held after a long vacuum. Car racing Grand Prix was held in 1947 with competing various classes and assessment of the best constructors. You need to know the Grand Prix is the forerunner of Formula One racing car. While the coverage of the Grand Prix is a name of car racing competition in the shade of the FIA, the competition includes F1, World Rally, and Nascar.

Season F1 car racing competition was first held in 1950, followed by cars from European factories such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Lotus and others. Early F1 car racing competition was won by guissepe Farina wearing output of cars Aston Martin.

In the ’60s, car racing began to be designed so that the speed increases, and the resistance to the wind can be reduced. The car frame is made lighter and stronger, then a car tire specially ordered in accordance with the needs of racing cars and track. On the other hand F1 regulations have additional and marshall function was enabled on every car racing season.

Commercialism in Race Car

Car racing is a sport that much demand, for presenting a sports car racing adrenaline riders, and capable of churning emotions the audience as well. Anything can happen car racing, whether it’s fatal accident, or if the car suddenly slip and off the track and crashes. This is the selling point on racing cars.

Each car racing season was held droves of people on the watch and give an appreciation of the winning rider. Interest from the public on a car racing into profitable business opportunities.

Finally the major vendors vying to sponsor a racing team car and financed the season, the car and the circuit complex was full of advertising links. Here also the views of every race sold to interested television broadcast direct car racing.

Car racing became the entertainment industry that brings benefits to actors in it, for example the driver in addition to getting an honorarium from the contract, he also received money from sponsors, and if he managed to win bonus was awaited and much more.

Matters Requiring There in the World Sports Car

Car racing is a sport that depends on the cohesiveness of the team. Racers do not fully self-sufficient or self-employed in preparing everything. He needs people who are experts in the fields of automotive, strategy and design a race car. Bottom line if you want to plunge into the world of car racing, must prepare a lot of support tools including a full team. Team racing car can not advance without any great financial support. A team must seek sponsorship prior to seeking funding and support from other parties. Here is the main requirement in the universe of auto racing:

1. Race Car – Car
Car is an important item that should be provided in advance to follow the racing cars. Character the car should be in accordance with the class that followed, such as Rally, F1, Nascar, each class has engine specifications, designs and different circuits.

For instance the car used for the class of car racing Formula One, or F1, car parts, among others, a machine designed approaching the speed of a jet fighter, and then the car frame made with metal mild or titanium and carbon fiber, while the design of the body is made of aerodynamic, minimizing the barriers to the wind.

High car made somewhat lower add downward pressure or downforce. In using this type of V-8 engine, four strokes with a capacity of 2,800 CC, capable of driving up to 138 Km / h in a straight line to the engine rotation of 19,500 rpm. F1 car racing machine created by automotive experts from the automobile industry in Europe and Japan. To support speed racing car, the tire industry also produces special tires for racing cars.

2. Car Racing – Racer
Rider is a person who has the skills of driving a race car at high speed and are able to master the track circuit. To become a professional racer, must learn in the school car racing for the certificate and obliged to follow the car race. Racers must also know about the race car engine and its trouble shooting. FIA class racers have to fly long hours, early in their careers in the world of car racing, starting from go-kart race, which is the lowest class of the series of world-class auto racing.

3. Car Racing – Team
Sports car racing is not independent, this depends on the sport team consisting of assistants in charge of a racing car. This assistant is an expert in the fields of machinery, engineering body, tires, and electricity. Each team has a car racing team chairman, who is responsible for the smooth running of the racing cars. Win lose from a racing car that depends on the cohesiveness of the team.

Before the race the car started, the crew prepare the car as best as possible, in order to perfect drove on the circuit. During sped away, riders must follow the orders of the head of the team. Racing car was not entirely who is the most rapidly accelerate the vehicle, but the one of the most astute organize the race strategy. For all can not be predicted accurately, anything could possibly happen.

4. Race Car – Circuit
Racing cars require a large area so that the car can be driven up, this special area called a circuit. Car racing circuit specifically designed by experts auto racing, street characters on a different circuit with an urban street.

The circuit has several sections, among others, padock serves as basecamp team car racing, then there cichane is a contour path that curved like the letter S, then there is gravel that is an empty area in addition to a sharp bend which contains overlays gravel and piles of old tires were placed walled, function gravel as a secure area away when the car skidded, functions that were sown on gravel gravel to reduce the speed of the car is slipping. While the function of a pile of used tires to withstand heavy impact and protect spectators from the racing car crash.

5. Car Racing – Marshall
Every sport has definitely referee watching the game. Likewise, motor sports, auto racing referee called a marshall. Marshall functions include monitoring and assessing the competition racing cars. Marshall also has the authority to disqualify a competitor who violates the rules. Marshall also has the right to stop the race, in the event of accidents small and big. So a few reviews about the race car that was apparently in demand by the general public.

Updated: Sunday, April 30th, 2017
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